Casualty - Series 27

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Casualty - Series 27
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Title:Casualty - Series 27
Genre: Drama
Air Date: 2012-08-18
Season Number: 27
Total Episodes: 44
Stars: Derek Thompson (Charlie Fairhead), Gabriella Leon (Jade Lovall), Amanda Mealing (Connie Beauchamp), Charles Venn (Jacob Masters), George Rainsford (Ethan Hardy), William Beck (Dylan Keogh), Jason Durr (David Hide), Maddy Hill (Ruby Spark), Neet Mohan (Rashid Masum), Di Botcher (Jan Jenning), Jack Nolan (Will Noble), Shaheen Jafargholi (Marty Kirkby)
Drama series about the staff and patients at Holby City Hospital's emergency department, charting the ups and downs in their personal and professional lives.
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Episode 1 : Kansas

Zoe's first day as the ED'S clinical lead gets...
August 18, 2012
Cuckoo's Nest

Episode 2 : Cuckoo's Nest

Tamsin faces a ghost from her past when she and...
August 25, 2012
Rock, Paper, Scissors

Episode 3 : Rock, Paper, Scissors

Sam and Tom are pushed to their limits when a...
September 01, 2012
An Amateur Sport

Episode 4 : An Amateur Sport

Dylan and Tess must treat an agitated pregnant...
September 15, 2012
I'll See You in My Dreams

Episode 5 : I'll See You in My Dreams

The team is put to the test when Holby is hit by...
September 22, 2012
Evolve or Be Extinct

Episode 6 : Evolve or Be Extinct

Medical drama. Fletch plays a practical joke on...
September 29, 2012
Tough Love

Episode 7 : Tough Love

The team deal with an accident at a troubled...
October 06, 2012
The Kindness of Strangers

Episode 8 : The Kindness of Strangers

Zoe oversteps the line when she attempts to help...
October 13, 2012
Harvest Festival

Episode 9 : Harvest Festival

Zoe struggles to deal with the fallout of a...
October 20, 2012
Seeing in the Dark

Episode 10 : Seeing in the Dark

Zoe and the ED reap the fallout from the E-coli...
October 27, 2012
When Love Breaks Down

Episode 11 : When Love Breaks Down

Dylan deals with a woman whose pregnancy is not...
November 03, 2012
Out of the Blue

Episode 12 : Out of the Blue

Tamzin's decision not to treat an aggressive...
November 17, 2012
Sixteen Candles

Episode 13 : Sixteen Candles

A family are shocked to find out an intruder...
November 24, 2012
My Aim Is True

Episode 14 : My Aim Is True

As Charlie and Big Mac prepare for the ED party,...
December 01, 2012
The Blame Game

Episode 15 : The Blame Game

A secret puts a strain on Jeff and Tamzin's...
December 08, 2012
I Saw Mommy Killing Santa Claus

Episode 16 : I Saw Mommy Killing Santa Claus

Tensions once again rise between Tom and Dominic...
December 15, 2012
Rabbits in Headlights

Episode 17 : Rabbits in Headlights

Four student nurses receive a baptism of fire on...
January 05, 2013
Smoke and Mirrors

Episode 18 : Smoke and Mirrors

Zoe is concerned that Jordan is not facing up to...
January 12, 2013
No Other Medicine

Episode 19 : No Other Medicine

Jordan fights to keep his girlfriend's life...
January 19, 2013
Broken Heart Syndrome

Episode 20 : Broken Heart Syndrome

It is the day of Yvonne Rippon's funeral, and...
January 26, 2013
Life Goes On

Episode 21 : Life Goes On

Jordan is called on to save the life of the...
February 02, 2013
If Not for You

Episode 22 : If Not for You

New doctor Ash hits the ground running when he...
February 09, 2013
Ostrich Syndrome

Episode 23 : Ostrich Syndrome

David tracks down his estranged wife, Kate, to...
February 16, 2013
Though Lovers Be Lost

Episode 24 : Though Lovers Be Lost

Jeff must persuade David to act in his son's best...
February 23, 2013
Brave New World

Episode 25 : Brave New World

Big Mac thinks he may have finally found the...
March 02, 2013
Cross Roads

Episode 26 : Cross Roads

Ash and Zoe struggle to make a teenage boy accept...
March 09, 2013
With and Without You

Episode 27 : With and Without You

Jeff is caught up in a marital dispute, and Robyn...
March 16, 2013
And the Walls Come Tumbling Down

Episode 28 : And the Walls Come Tumbling Down

Robyn has to try and save her friend's life when...
March 23, 2013
Punch Drunk Love

Episode 29 : Punch Drunk Love

Tom helps a young man with a troubled home life....
March 30, 2013

Episode 30 : Hidden

Zoe and Ash must work together to reunite two...
April 06, 2013

Episode 31 : Unsilenced

Zoe goes out of her way to help and protect a...
April 13, 2013
Family Matters

Episode 32 : Family Matters

Jeff is distressed when his father and sister are...
April 20, 2013
Human Resources

Episode 33 : Human Resources

When hoodies raid an off-licence, a family must...
April 27, 2013
The Morning After

Episode 34 : The Morning After

Ash deals with his daughter's admission to the ED...
May 04, 2013
Isolated Incident

Episode 35 : Isolated Incident

Linda's nursing experience enables her to see the...
May 11, 2013
The Milk of Human Kindness

Episode 36 : The Milk of Human Kindness

Tom is determined to show that a previous...
May 25, 2013
Love Is the Drug

Episode 37 : Love Is the Drug

When Tess witnesses a stabbing she becomes...
June 01, 2013
You Always Hurt the One You Love

Episode 38 : You Always Hurt the One You Love

Lloyd tries to uncover the truth about a cannabis...
June 08, 2013
Garage Flowers

Episode 39 : Garage Flowers

Tom faces a dilemma of truth and confidentiality...
June 15, 2013
What Goes Up

Episode 40 : What Goes Up

Ash and Zoe have to protect a local shopkeeper...
June 22, 2013
Letting Go

Episode 41 : Letting Go

Tom and Sam clash over the best course of action...
June 29, 2013
A History of Violence

Episode 42 : A History of Violence

When Marcus is mugged, Sam and Fletch work...
July 06, 2013
Secrets and Lies

Episode 43 : Secrets and Lies

Tom is on a personal visit to a prison when...
July 13, 2013
Mistakes Happen

Episode 44 : Mistakes Happen

Arthur and Chantelle struggle to cope in the...
July 20, 2013